How to Improve Battery performance by Calibration

Battery Calibration :~ How to Improve Battery performance In smartphone

In the era of smartphone, we took lots of work from our smartphone like taking Photos , Music ,Movies or Other stuff. When we consider about specifications , There is some major Thinh we want. For example :-
Camera, Android version,Hardware etc . But there is also one more thing we considered and that is battery . It is the main part of A smartphone, but still we don't take it very seriously .
Battery improvement tips
Battery calibration

We use different tempered glass for our protection of screen of Smartphone, we buy best earphone for listening music, and we kept on nourishing our camera lens .

But do we really care about Our battery that much ?

Answer is no . All the other protection you use is Good for smartphone but the part need it most , You forget that . Whenever the phone gets slow we reset our phone aur scan for our phone . So it become smooth

After a while , Battery performancs will decreasing day by day . It didn't give you same experience as before . Let us see What is Inside the battery and how to overvome with battery problems

Battery improvement procees of android

Battery calibration is the technique 

May be some of you are aware of that feature , and if you not . Let me help you . It help you to improve the battery life . You can understand like this "Reseting the battery stats". Calibration improve your stability of Battery and very useful .

How to Use it ? Is there any Software?

Yes there are many software are there in Google play store . But the "Battery calibration " is actually a term Use in Android smartphone . You can find it in your phone as well .
You have to open "Setting" >>>Battery>>Now you'll see a Feature "Calibration".

If You can't see that feature , dont worry May be your Phone doesn't have that feature . There is no problem at all

I am going to tell you How to calibrate you Battery
Battery improve by Calibration

*Better to follow the steps *

1. Discharge your phone complete {use it till 0%}
2. Turn on the Phone { even after 0 % there will be some reserve battery is there, you have to use it also till Phone discharge}
3. Now do not switch on the phone and plug to charger and wait till 100%
*Do not remove charger during this period its important*
4. Switch on the mobile after 100% . If you see after switch on the mobile you will not get 100% . Again charge it till 100%.
5 . Restart the phone and plug the charger ( even it is 10%).
6. Repeat 5th step two times
7. Now you are done.

You will get amazing result by this .and You should calibrate your phone in 2-3 months.

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