Google Announce : They will Track you now

Google Track You now !

Every time the mobile and computer that is being used with you is being used to track each of your locations, but your location can be tracked only if you do not stop the location service. But there is an exception to this. If your phone is Android then you can also be tracked if you turn off location. If you want to be connected to Wifi, you can still be tracked. But now Google has announced that Google will now monitor every one of your locations.

Location off setting
Google Location tracking announcement

But how would Google do it? Now Google will use your cellular network. This means that now whether you are connected to the Internet or not, Google can track you.

How to Turn off Location feature . 

. First go to setting , There you find an option "location off". For view your history You can choose option Google location history. In this you can See where you access the Gmail.

.You can also delete the Location history . For that you Will find "Delete location history" Option . Press that and It will erase your history.

.As you May open Gmail in Your Computer. That's is also where you are vulnerable. You can delete history form there too.

. In GMAIL , there is an map option . When you open taht menu You will find an menu button .

. After click that button you will find Historyat bottom. When you open it , It shows All you history Overall. History can be sort according to Day,weeks or months. Here you find all the sites you browse and Activity list.

. There will be an Delete history Option . By this you can delete your history.

Now you can use precautions against sites. And can save your privacy
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